Thank You


Our first annual Bandathon was a huge success by all counts, and we could not have done it without your help.  When I walked in the gym and saw all those chairs and stands, set up by our hardworking eighth graders, I knew this would be a fun evening.  There were many things I loved about this event:

  • that a large portion of our band community pulled together to help,
  • that we had a core group of hardworking band parents who took the time to organize and run this event and
  • that we had an over-abundance of volunteers. 
I love that kids were thrilled to show off their skills, and that they had an awesome time running, jumping, playing, laughing and shouting during our Band Olympics.
A few numbers:  We raised over $7,300 for our band program!

Another success, though is that we had over 150 students who turned in envelopes.  We had more than 50 parent volunteers at different times during the night.  Even more amazing is that we had to turn away 20 other folks who wanted to help.  This was truly a community event.

I must say a few thank yous.  To our intrepid director, Helen Bishop for being open to such an endeavor.  Getting sixth graders ready for a concert in TWO MONTHS is an act of great courage and dedication.  To Tina DuBois and her crew for organizing the raffle, making the mix tape and announcing during the evening.  To Bergit Albrecht and Sarah Giuliano for organizing the volunteers.  They also anticipated many things that could go wrong and fixed them before they became problems.  To Jesse and Brooke Manix for organizing and running the games.  They had the perfect blend of organization and fun.  To Pat Griffin who stepped up to take photos of the kids.  Those photographs will be adorable!  To Teresa Moore, who showed up to all our Bandathon meetings and ran around town looking for a lot of our game supplies.  To our other board members Linda Brothers and Marna Carlson who pitched in wherever and whenever they saw a hole in the process.  I am humbled and delighted to work with such a crew.  Above all, to all of you parents, who support and love those amazing kids out there.  We could not have done it without your help.

Will there be another Bandathon?  You bet!  We’re taking notes about anything we think we can improve, and will work to make this even better next year.  That’s right- we really feel there will be a 2nd annual Bandathon because it celebrates band, fun, and students.  And who could ask for anything more?

Thank you.
Dawne Galdi, President, Apex Middle School Band Boosters

PS… Life goes on after Bandathon!  We will have our monthly meeting on November 4 at 7pm in the Band Room.  We have lots of activities coming up that are not related to fundraising, and we’d love to see you there.