October Meeting Notes

October 7, 2013
Apex Middle School Band Boosters Meeting
Dawne Galdi, President
Marna Carlson, VP Communications
Brooke Gagne-Manix, VP Fundraising
Sarah Guiliano, Co-Chair, Volunteers
Bergit Albrecht, Co-Chair, Volunteers
Theresa Moore, Parent
Deicy Love, parent
Angie Pilkington, parent
Helen Bishop, Band Director

President’s Report
We have finished the t-shirt ordering process. All orders have been distributed. Band-a-thon planning is ongoing.

Secretary’s Report
Minutes from last meeting were distributed, approved and posted on the website.

Treasurer’s Report
Our balance for the year is $1,290. Income is split about 50% between membership and t-shirts. Expenditures are mostly t-shirts at this point.

Director’s Report
There is an urgent need for administrative volunteers. Intake of Band-a-thon donations will be labor intensive. Email was sent out by volunteer coordinators to those who had indicated they were interested in helping during the day. Two parents in attendance have offered to help during the day. All the 6th graders finally have methods books and most have instruments. There are still challenges with Mrs. Bishop’s access to SmartMusic. PowerTeacher is still a struggle too. Blackboard has been updated with Band-a-thon information.

The website is updated with Band-a-thon information, and upcoming calendar information. An email was sent out through Mail Chimp. The information was added to the blog and updated Facebook. There is a new page on the website for Band-a-thon. All the sweatshirt orders have been collected and the processing has begun.

Band-a-thon Discussion
First packet was received already. Discussion regarding how to take it in, issue receipts? Need people early in the morning to check donation sheets against counted money to verify donatins. Also raffle tickets will be tied to donation, so this is important to get right. There needs to be a spreadsheet to track the donations received. Discussion regarding how to get a receipt back to parents. Since the donations are due on the 18th, we need parents especially that week, and on Friday to receive donations and forms. Raffle tickets will be distributed as donations received, kids will put their names on the tickets and place in a drum for drawings. So far, parent volunteers are as follows:
Monday Deicy, Dawne
Tuesday Bergit, Brooke
Wednesday Brooke, Tina
Thursday Bergit, Brooke
Friday Bergit, Tina, Dawne
Tina to make spreadsheet for received donations, date, $, name, signed/received by.
- Band-a-thon Setup: volunteers have signed up for setup in 3 locations. Donation sheet says setup/serve/pizza. Really need a lead person for setup, in each location to direct the parents that show up to help. Eighth graders that are in the last period will be directed to do most of the setup. Coaches will set up the tarp in the gym and manage the bleachers. Actual set up will depend upon the weather. If the weather is bad, then the PE kids will be in the gym, which will make it difficult to set up early. 8th graders can have snack in band room, so they can start setting up. May have to shift the order from stack chairs/move/setup and snack or snack then stack chairs/move/setup.
- Band-a-thon performance: Mrs. Bishop will have diagram for each of the grades, will need 1-2 parents to help out between grades.
- Band-a-thon Photographs: discussion around delivery of photographs. Options include review of photos for kids to choose, online photo distribution, Walgreens print. Give out photos at the event or wait to hand out later. The fun part is getting them right away, but we may not be able to execute. All will depend upon who does the actual photography. Do not yet have one lined up. Sarah was going to check with a friend of hers (Update – Ann will do it!)
- Band-a-thon Pizza: Namoli’s or Marco’s – pizza for Marco’s is cheaper and they will deliver. 14 inch for $6.50, pepperoni or cheese, $9.00 for 16”. Will not know how many to order until we receive donations. Bergit agreed to call for delivery. Need a 24-hour lead time at the most. Questions about what else to serve with pizza – decision to only serve pizza this time. Perhaps we will add salad or fruit next year, once we have more experience and more volunteers. Need to allocate 2 slices of pizza per student.
- Raffles/Prizes: some have been received already, gift cards from 5 and Below, iTunes. Kids will sign raffle tix and put into drum on Friday when they drop off donations. Dawne to get roll of tickets. Possibly re-use Spring Fling tix, do not need 2-part tickets, as kids will write their names on the tix. Deposit right into the drum. Tina has agreed to emcee the raffle giveaways.
- Band-o-lympics: no updates. Will know more once we have a final count for the number of kids participating. Jesse has rough ideas for the games to be played. We may need donations of supplies for the games.
- AfterParty: Need music – Tina to make the playlist. Have free time to play corn hole, etc. Activity Games as well as relay games, as not all kids will want to take part in the group games.
- Cleanup: Coaches will pull tarp up on Monday morning. Kids will do clean up after the eat.
Top Winner Award: one in each class. Mrs. Bishop to decorate a chair. Cannot do class awards, as not all students will be participating.

Other Business:
- Sweatshirt orders – Marna has received lots. Deadline is 10/9
Band-a-thon – do we need another meeting? It was agreed that we meet on 10/21 at 7pm.
New Business:
- Nominated Brooke Gagne-Manix for VP Fundraising, unanimously approved and passed.
- Chorus and Band are presenting combined concerts this year. BAMCAT asked if Band Boosters wanted to donate a basket for the raffle. It was agreed that since we only have on fundraiser, did not want to take away from our fundraiser to spread to theirs. Maybe next year.