September 9, 2013

Helen Bishop, Band Director
Dawne Galdi, President
Linda Brothers, Treasurer
Marna Carlson, Communications
Tina DuBois, Secretary
Bergit Albrecht, Volunteer Co-Coordinator
Sarah Giuliano, Volunteer Co-Coordinator
Several parents attended the meeting as well.

Director’s Report
The date of October 25 was approved by Dr. Hedrick. Band handbooks were distributed via Google forms. Information about pep band and jazz band were sent home with students. The band was also invited to play at the upcoming AMS Pep Rally.

Treasurer’s Report
Budget review is up to date. We have sold 111 t-shirts so far, raising $1,112 so far. This is 55% of our $2k goal for t-shirts. We are also approximately half-way to our goal for other fundraisers: Magnets and Membership sponsors. Tracking fundraising for band-a-thon was discussed. It was agreed that fundraising should be tracked on a separate spreadsheet for this event.

Discussion around managing the roster of students, along with parent information, t-shirt sales, sweatshirt sales and volunteers. Discussion also regarding timing for sweatshirt sales – prior to Band-a-thon may not be advantageous as parents will be less inclined to put money toward Band-a-thon. We also want to make sure we have enough time to do it prior to the Christmas Parade, which is the first Saturday of December. The Facebook page continues to be “liked” and we are adding friends. The package we have selected for the website does not allow for tracking number of visitors. Mail Chimp is working well for 6th graders. Updates are still necessary for 7th and 8th graders, but will get taken care of, once the Google Docs and Band Handbook information are completed.

Meet the Teacher Review
Positive input from parents present. The event was confusing at times, but the band booster information and band information was helpful and organized.

Mini-camp review

Overall positive input from parents present. Request for more advance notice, and more clear communication on picking up instruments prior to the event. Mrs. Bishop shared that the goal for 2014 is to have the dates established and communicated by Spring signup in 2014.

T-Shirt Sales

Sizing continues to be a challenge as middle school students cross a broad range of youth and adult sizes. Option was discussed to potentially special order Youth sizes next year. We can try next time to see how many people choose this option.


Review of 2 designed logos for sign-up sheets. Selection of logo with “Go Cougars” on it will be used for all sheets. Mrs. Bishop to work on getting soft copy from her contact so Tina DuBois can edit. If soft copies are not available, hard copies will be sent home for Tina to re-create. Dawne Galdi requested a copy for review. Organization for Band-a-thon forms is to compile a packet and send home with students, in large manila envelopes with pledge forms, sticker with Band-a-thon logo, student names . Forms will be due back with payment, one week prior to event. There will be different tiered goals for fundraising- students who raise at least $40 will attend the after party, which will include pizza and the Band Olympics. This event is for all grade levels, and all students will be performing at this event. It will be held in the gym on October 25. Begin time is right after school, will need lots of parents to help serve food, set up chairs for performances, run games and corral students. Flow is set for performance in gym, followed by pizza which will be served in cafeteria, then back to the gym for games, dance etc.. All agreed another meeting needs to be set up for specific Band-a-thon planning. Need process for pledges, raffles, etc. With every $10 raised, student’s name will go into the raffle. Prizes will be donated. Timeline is to perform up until 5:30. Evening activities will end at or around 8/8:30. Mrs. Bishop will set up floorplan/design for seating during performance. We will need to cover the floor of the gym. Parents will be invited to come listen to performances, but this is a student event. Snacks will be distributed prior to performance, phased with age groups. Donations will include raffle, prizes, snacks, drinks. Parents can indicate if they would like to donate on the pledge form. Will also need small gifts as raffle and prizes, under $5 value. Need to establish an overall prize structure for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place fundraiser champion. IDEA: Gold/Silver/Bronze to carry Olympic theme?? Discussion around volunteer sign up using Sign-up Genius, possibly snacks as well. Pizza will be part of the expense of the event. Theresa Moore offered to check with owners of Namoli’s to see if they would like to contribute. Tina DuBois to also check with Anna’s Pizza owners. We would list them as sponsor on website if they contribute $50 minimum.
Band Olympics discussion: multiple types of games to offer. Relays, tire flips, etc. teams need to be large, by grade and/or by instrument, instrument group (woodwinds, brass, percussion). Jessie (parent) to help with activities. Discussion about potential trophy for class winners (Hasty Pudding type of gag trophy)
Dance discussion – just have music, no “dance”. Call it the After Party. Tina to make a playlist on iPod, connect to speakers that are owned by school.
Next Band-a-thon meeting discussion: we will need pledges in by 10/18, discussion around having specific collections day, perhaps at the beginning of the day when students drop off instruments so there is accountability and agreement between what is dropped off, and what is received. Possibly from 7:45 – 8:15am. Forms can only be out for 2 weeks maximum, county policy. October 4th distribution is 2 weeks in advance of due date. Next Band-a-thon meetings on 9.16 and 9.23 at 7pm. EDIT: 9/23 meeting cancelled
Announcement letter to highlight the Baritone Saxophone we hope to raise, which costs 9K. We will also provide a spiel for the students to use when asking for donations. Volunteer coordinators to send notice out to those who have indicated interest on forms.
Other Topics
- Sweatshirt order process discussion – Marna Carlson to update dates on forms from last year.
- Middle School Night at Apex High School on September 20th. For 8th graders only. Mrs Bishop to send home letter and post on Blackboard.

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