Monday, November 5

Apex Middle School Band Boosters Meeting Notes
Dawne Galdi, President
Linda Brothers, Treasurer
Tina DuBois, Secretary
Brooke Gagne-Mannix, Fundraising
Bergit Albrecht, Volunteer Co-chair
Sarah Guiliano, Volunteer Co-chair
Theresa Moore, Parent
Helen Bishop, Director
President Report:
Successful Band-a-thon, no negative comments
Secretary Report:
Minutes from last meeting reviewed, posted. Upon further review, the meetings were not posted to the website, so will be adding them asap.
Treasurer Report:
- $9,075 Income
- $2,544 Expenses
- 146% over budget for Bandathon this is GOOD since we raised $7,308 against our $5K budget! Note that we paid Marco’s for the pizza but did not provide a tip. Linda will contact Marco’s to find the driver and ensure that we pay $40 tip.
- All sweatshirts were received, being distributed on Tuesday (11/6) Theresa will hand out. Need sheets with detail about orders/sizes from Marna. Marna has provided all other information for distribution.
Communications Report – not present. Note was made to send Band Booster Meeting info to Dr. Hedrick for the weekly messenger.
Director’s Report:
- Awesome Band-a-thon! Lots of the students were talking during the performances, and more parents showed up than originally anticipated. When students sit on the floor, it often leads to more talking. Discussion about possibly marking off seating in bleachers for students during performance, for the future. Also, have the 8th graders user lyres, so there is less need for moving chairs, and will not need as many stands. A thank-you note was posted on Blackboard.
- Previous week, spent time with students in the Media Center setting up all Smart Music accounts. Will start administering tests this week. If students want to submit tests at home, a subscription will be required. There were FREE accounts available for submitting test in the classroom, using WCPSS supplied email addresses for students.
- All-County Clinic on 11/7-8. Three students are participating, and 2 alternates were achieved.
Friday, 8:45 8th graders performing for Veterans Day
- Blackboard updated with announcements. Will send through Marna for distribution.
- Apex High School Carnival flyer was distributed to students, to be held Saturday, November 10. Percentage of admission fee with AMS Middle School flyer comes back to Band Boosters.
- Christmas Parade on 12/7. Report time last year was 3:30, assumption that will stay the same. Dates for winter concerts posted.
Band-a-thon Report
What DIDN’T Work:
SETUP: Removing chairs/stands from gym – unclear where to put them after performance. Need to clear the bleachers of lost & found items prior to concert, so they are not confused with items left behind during Band-a-thon.
PHOTOBOOTH: Kids did not know where the photo booth was, so not all were able to get their photos taken. Line was really long, did not know they had a scope of time in which to get them taken. Unclear how the photos are being delivered to the students. Are we getting a DVD, list of students to identify. We have not heard from the photographer and do not have a list. The lobby was very congested for the photos. Maybe we could do them outside the cafeteria next time.
GAMES: Not all kids wanted to play games, some just wanted to hang out with their friends. Missed out on the “dance” part because of the length of the amount of game time. Possibly less games next time. Suggestion to keep it to one hour.
REWARDS: Big Cheese chair is a big hit, even though it’s not decorated. Some parents complained about the cash prize. One parent suggested auctioning off first chair.
VOLUNTEERS: Great response, having a lead was helpful. Definitely would use Signup Genius next time that has specific instructions for each lead. Also need transition people to move students from one activity/area to the next. Also need a lead for each venue (gym, cafeteria, band room) as well as volunteer head lead.
RAFFLE: process needs to be smoother, same amount of prizes, do not make the students come up and choose a number, or give their prizes to them prior to the end of the evening. Give out all raffles during the concert, as some students did not raise enough money to attend the party. Need prizes ahead of time to organize with numbers on the prizes and displayed for everyone to see. Additional microphone needed, or placed near Mrs. Bishop for announcements. Megaphone for raffles??
CONCERT: the 8th graders took the concert very seriously, setting example for younger players.
SAFETY: Students leaving for the evening needs to be monitored and organized better, possibly post parents at each exit to ensure students to do not exit without permission.
SCHOOL COMMUNICATION: Need a press release for AMS Staff.
PIZZA: Showed up too early. Table setup in cafeteria worked well. What to do with extra snacks?
New Business
Discussion regarding proceeds of Band-a-thon. Original intent was to purchase a baritone sax, but we do not have enough money yet to do that. Do we hold the money until next year and combine? Mrs. Bishop has located a $150 clarinet, and would like to purchase it while it is available. Also could use a portion of the money to make instrument repairs and purchase accessories. Only $500 allocated by the county to upkeep county owned instruments. Also would like to bring in clinicians during class (saxophone, clarinet, percussion).
Upcoming events: Volunteers for Christmas parade already identified and signed up. Golden Age Field Trip and All County Clinic. On the calendar, but no needs identified at this time. There will be an afterschool rehearsal for the parade. Will need parents to walk behind and alongside the band during the parade.
Linda Brothers stepping down as Treasurer effective immediately, due to other personal commitments. Thanks for your efforts over the past several years, Linda!!
Next Band Booster Meeting: December 2

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