Apex Middle School Band Boosters

* We welcome all band parents to attend these meetings.

7/ 23 /13 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Helen Bishop, Dawne Galdi, Linda Brothers, Marna Carlson, and Bergit Albrecht.

The meeting was brought to order.

Band Happenings from Mrs. Bishop:

Letters and emails to rising 6th grade band students will be going out this week regarding the mini band camp. Details are as follows: Date = August 5 – 9, 2013; Location = AMS Band Room; Timing =

9:00 – 10:30 – Flute, Saxophone and Trumpet

10:30 – 12:00 – Clarinet, Trombone and Percussion

Fee: $20, cash or check payable to AMS Band Boosters, due on the first day of camp. Register by Sunday, August 4, 2013. On-line registration link will be included in the email, or parents may go to our band booster web site at:

Band Room Work Day: Come and join Mrs. Bishop as we spruce up the band room in preparation for another outstanding band year at AMS. Date will be announced. Potential candidates are 8/10 and 8/17.

For this school year, Mrs. Bishop has 235 students enrolled in AMS Band. The break down is: 6th grade = 93, 7th grade = 83, 8th grade = 59. She is very excited about the upcoming year. Pep Band and Jazz Band are returning favorites. We will also march in the Apex Christmas Parade.

Treasurer Report:

Our 2012-2013 financial records were audited by 3 individuals who do not have check signing authority. The records were found to be in impeccable order. Excellent work, Dawne!

Year-end budget balance = $2,271.

Linda Brothers takes over the Treasurer reigns.

Bergit Albrecht will have check signing authority this year (as a back-up).


Dawne Galdi resided adeptly in her new role as Band Booster President.

We discussed the design and logistics of AMS band t-shirts. Mr. Dubois and Marna worked together to design our band logo. T-shirts will be white with this 3-color band logo. Price per shirt is $10.00. Ads in Action will do our printing again. (They did a nice job with sweatshirts last year.) Rising 6th grade students will have the option to purchase them at band camp, but delivery will not occur until Open House on 8/21 or later during class. All other band students will be able to order (purchase) them at open house. These T-shirts are not required to participate in band. AMS Band does NOT require a uniform to participate in the band program. Alternate suggestions will be made by Mrs. Bishop (i.e. plain white t-shirt for pep band).

We are still in need of a VP of Fundraising.

Our booster meetings will be the 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the AMS band room (some exceptions will apply). All parents are welcome (no uniform required to participate in band boosters). J Meeting dates will be announced on our web site. August meeting date = 8/12; and September = 9/9.

We will once again have a booth at Open House. We will have t-shirts and magnets for sale. Mrs. Bishop suggested that a letter from the band booster President would be a nice addition to our welcoming efforts. Dawne will work on this. We will have many volunteer opportunities this year, at many commitment levels. Giving parents some idea of this would be helpful.


Marna Carlson, our astute communications chair presented a 2013-2014 Communication Plan for Band Boosters. We would move our communications away from a Yahoo Group, and utilize our band booster web site, Facebook, and email. Everyone was in agreement. Marna posts information on the Band Booster Web site: She also updates our Facebook page: (parents are welcome to “friend” us). The website can retain documents, so items such as board meeting minutes and monthly treasurer reports will be located there. Mrs. Bishop’s classroom information will still be communicated through Blackboard on the AMS web site.

Marna also is the person who creates and updates our band booster spreadsheet. According to our band booster board job descriptions, it was originally assigned to the secretary. We all agreed to officially move this job duty to the Communications Chair. Thank you, Marna!


Our major fund raiser for 2013/2014 will be the Bandathon. This will occur on Friday, October 4, 2013, in the gym. Students will play from 3:30-5:30. A schedule of which band performs at what time will be posted. More details will be forthcoming. Again, many volunteer opportunities are available, at various commitment levels.

Our meeting was adjourned. Our next booster meeting is August 12th @ 7:00 p.m. in the band room.

 We agreed on the new Band Logo:

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