Apex Middle School Band Booster Meeting 1/6/14


Dawne Galdi, President
Marna Carlson, Treasurer
Brooke Gagne-Manix, Fundraising
Tina DuBois, Secretary
Helen Bishop, Band Director

Secretary’s Report
All minutes up to date and on the website.

Treasurer’s Report
- Last months actuals: paid for Baritone Sax and All-District Auditions
- Income from donation of $300 from Golden Agers, sweatshirt sales, payment for honors auditions & clinics. Question about the $800 budgeted for income from jazz concert - discussion tabled for later. Discussion regarding dedications for spring concert on programs and/or slide show for fundraiser/income. How to communicate to parents for the dedications that will surprise the students.

Band Director’s Report
- Winter concert update: the 8th grade concert did not get videotaped, but there are recordings of the other grades. Discussion about how to offer to students/parents. All the concert performances were very good, and the performances for the student body were even better! Mrs. Bishop was very pleased with how hard the students worked for the concerts.
- Sixth graders started on scales in class, MPA music for 8th graders
Communications Report
- Upcoming Enrichment Opportunities: Trombone-a-thon at UNC Greensboro, Summer Music Programs at UNC-G as well. Will share with the students and encourage attendance.
- Need link of Christmas Parade on website
- Upcoming events need to be updated on website

Other Business
-CD Recordings of Winter Concert: no order forms were sent to parents yet. We should just distribute to 6th and 7th grade as there were no recordings of the 8th grade concert. Mrs. Bishop did not yet have a copy of the recording. The gentleman that made the recordings also records for Apex High School and makes the recordings available online. Discussion of sales, which would be a DVD, not a CD, since there was both video and audio.. There was discussion about posting on YouTube, and making it a private link so we would not need releases from the students’ parents. Mrs. Bishop to inquire about how to distribute. Dedications should be added to the DVD for the Winter Concert in the future, definitely for the Spring Concert.

- All District Audition Details: students have the times for their auditions

New Business
- Williamsburg Trip on May 10: estimated cost is $68/student and $41/parent for festival, plus the cost of busses. Three chaperones and band director cost is included in fees. Challenge is that we have 59 8th graders + 7 students in the Jazz Band who are 7th graders = 66 students total, and the limit on the charter bus is 56. Do we offer the trip to the 7th graders in the Jazz Band or limit the trip to the 8th graders only. In the past, we have made the trip purely 8th grade, as a motivator and reward for hard work. Discussion about how to fit all students on busses, and what costs would be. The following options were calculated based on 8th graders and 7th grade jazz band participants :
Option 1: Three cars driven by parents with 2 parents each and 5 students. This would allow us to pay $1800 bus option for one bus which holds 66 students, resulting in a $98 cost for busses, including the festival charges.
Option 2: Two 47 passenger busses with all adults on the bus costs $2000 per bus and would result in a cost to the students of $132/student, including the festival charges.
This is not a mandatory field trip, but rather optional. Discussion around the cost, if some students could not afford, the band boosters would offer matching funds. Students  can wear Band t-shirts for the performance. However, not all of the 8th graders have purchased a t-shirt. They could wear their performance attire, but changing clothes for time in the park can be challenging. It was decided to send an announcement home with students to gauge interest. If not all students decide to go, that will help to make the bus decision. No payment is required yet, but we can split into 2 payments to make it easier for parents with financial hardships. Parents can pay 1/2 to 1/3 deposit, then smaller increments. It was decided to set up payment schedule for 2 payments only, to ease the burden on the treasurer. Costs need to be re-estimated based on 8th graders only. Chaperones will need to be cleared to drive with students through Wake County - it generally takes about 2 weeks to get the necessary clearances.

Nominating Committee needs to be appointed for 2014-2015 school year board members. Bylaws state that the Nominating Committee has "at least" one member of Exec committee. Dawne to ask Bergit and Sarah for suggestions, as they have had the most interaction with parents.

Next Band Booster Meeting is February 10, 7pm

Upcoming Events:

January 28, Jazz Band to perform for Cougar Night

January 31, All-District Clinic @ Millbrook High School

Wake County Jazz Festival scheduled for March 1 has been moved to March 8, preventing AMS from attending

March 13: MPA @ Ligon Middle School

May 10: 8th grade to Williamsburg/Tabb High School/Busch Gardens

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