Apex MS Band Boosters Meeting

February 10, 2014


Dawne Galdi, President

Marna Carlson, Treasurer

Brooke Gagne-Manix, Fundraising

Tina DuBois, Secretary

Helen Bishop, Band Director

Deicy Love, parent

Karen St. Clair, parent

President’s Report

All District Band and Clinic is coming up - we do not need any volunteers or additional planning around these events.

Secretary’s Report

January meeting minutes approved and posted on AMS Band Booster website

Treasurer’s Report

Spent $900 for a used french horn. Payments will need to be made for Williamsburg trip for busses. There will be 3 payments. All-District has been paid. No income this month, found a $20 Bandathon check, so applied that to the total income for Bandathon. Current balance is $3782. First payment for Williamsburg is due on 2/10, so money will start to be collected and assigned.

Band Director's Report

  • MPA: deadline for registration was 2/18, but it was filled up last week. Many bands did not get accepted, and there is no room for Apex MS to participate. Originally, we were not planning to attend pre-MPA because the time between the two events was too short for the feedback from pre-MPA to be applied. However, with the non-participation at MPA, we are now looking at participating at Pre-MPA only. The event is March 13 (Thursday) at Panther Creek. Field trip permission forms will be sent out for the event. The entire 8th grade band will fit on one bus, so there is a possibility to take them all very early in the event, so parents would only be responsible for picking up their students.
  • Open House for rising 6th graders was very successful. Put together a bulletin board with photographs from Bandathon and other events. The students really liked it. Jazz band performed for the event.
  • Practice Journal sent home with students today. The goal is to have 30 minutes of sustained, correct practice, 5 days a week for a total of 150 minutes per week. Students will write down on the sheet what they did in class, and what they need to work on. They need to write down what they practiced for each session. These will be collected on Mondays, and parent signatures will be required. Lesson times do not count. There was a great deal of discussion about this topic during class. This will be part of their grade.
  • Paula Gardner has offered to write a grant to Apex PeakFest. She has done this successfully in the past. Mrs. Bishop decided to focus on technology for the classroom. She worked with  a company called SEED to get an estimate for audio equipment and a SmartBoard, as well as installation. Working with Dr. Hedrick, as school board needs to approve the request/grant application. Deadline is April 1.
  • Rising 6th Grade Band Camp: need to set a date, so we can start planning. Need to verify when AHS Marching Band Camp is so there is no conflict with clinicians.
  • SmartMusic - still having technology issues in the classroom. We will continue to have time set aside in the morning for students who have not purchased a subscription. No parents are needed to support this, as there is currently only one working computer with SmartMusic loaded, and available for the students.


Annual fee for GoDaddy website hosting came due. Marna renewed the site. Cost is $15/year.

Williamsburg Trip

Given the number of attendees, we will be taking 2 busses, which hold 46 students each. Many parents have asked to drive up with their students separately, but there is a concern with liability. Mrs. Bishop to verify any issues with Dr. Hedrick. Lots of parents have volunteered to chaperone, so we are covered. Total cost is $120 per student, $50 per parent. Bus company needs downpayment to hold the busses

Nominating Committee for 2014-15 Board

Brooke will help, and Dawne will as well. Open positions will be: Treasurer, Secretary, Communications, Volunteer Coordinator (1) and it was discussed to add a position to manage “Spirit Wear.”

Spring Concert

Dates are May 12, 13, 14 (MTW). Will NOT be combining with chorus this time for the evening concerts, but will be combining for the in-school performances. Need to plan video dedications. Available for 8th grade concert, coordination, display and pricing will need to be planned.

NEXT MEETING:  March 3, 2014

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