Dawne Galdi, President
Linda Brothers, Treasurer
Marna Carlson, Communications
Tina DuBois, Secretary
Helen Bishop, Band Director
Bergit Albrecht, Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Guiliano, Volunteer Coordinator

The meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Treasurer’s Report
Our goal is a “fiscally neutral” budget. We received $755 for band camp, which included $400 from the grant, so the net is $355 from attendees.

Band Mini-Camp Review

All agreed that the Google registration worked well, so we should do it again. Band camp itself went very well. Pictures will be shared with Marna and posted on the website. Discussion regarding whether we could apply for the grant again? We could, but there is no guarantee that we would receive again, as there is a location on the application to select whether this is a first time or repeat application. We need to revisit the finances again, possibly allow a t-shirt sale again, but separately from the fee for the camp. Fees for instructors will likely be higher next time, as this was billed as a first-time event, and the instructors were each paid $400. Typical cost for an instructor is $50/hour, so we would likely have to pay more for them in the future, thus a need to charge more for the camp. No one asked for scholarship money this year. Kids were very excited after the first day, and all were eager to share what they had practiced overnight. Discussion about whether we need teachers or if high school seniors, college students, etc could work, to lower the costs. Helen felt strongly that instructors with experience were a better fit for the mini-camp. Thanks you notes are in the process of being sent to the Peak Committee who gave us the grant, as soon as the address is uncovered.

Meet the Teacher/Cougar Camp

Marna is hard at work updating the tri-fold with pertinent information about all of the activities, and common questions that arise. Sponsorship information will NOT be included on the trifold. Band boosters will be set up outside the band room, not in the gym, due to the delays with finishing the gym floor. Dr. Hedrick has committed to having signs out directing parents where to go to meet the band director. We will sell magnets for $5, and give out t-shirts to people who have purchased. Dawne will pick up the shirts and label each one in some way (Monday or Tuesday) for distribution. We will also sell t-shirts to those who would like to buy one for $10. We need the order form to fill out in case we run out during MTT. We need at least one person for each session, from 10-11 (Linda), from 2-3 (Dawne)and from 6-8:30 (Tina until 7:15, then Dawn until 8:30) on Wednesday, Aug 21. We will have the letters Dawne wrote for mini-camp (Helen to print in black & white) to hand out to anyone who is interested in learning more.

Sponsorship Forms

Helen to hand out in class, with the handbook, which it will be mandatory for students to sign and turn in, for a grade. Dawne is going to rewrite the sponsorship language to incorporate the suggestions from Helen.

T-Shirt Update

We ordered 100 t-shirts, and will order more if/when we run out. They are set to arrive on the 19th. Marna will use a photo of the t-shirt with logo on the tri-fold. One of each size shirt will be set aside for display/sizing samples. We also need the t-shirt order form for Meet the Teacher, in the event we run out of t-shirts of a particular size.


Marna is working on the tri-fold, and clarified the sections of the tri-fold, and the activities going under each of the headers. Breaking out the grades on the tri-fold, so it is clear who participates in each activity. Helen requested the wording be changed from “Christmas” concert to “Winter” concert.

Marna was successful getting Mail Chimp to automatically update the Facebook page when sending out a mass email. Has a complete list of 6th graders, but the 7th and 8th grade list is from last year. She has not received any pushback from using the list so far, even though not all the students are returning. We will get it updated when the students turn in the handbook, and the spreadsheet she has built will populate the new list. The list is set up to include fields such as grade, instrument, etc, so emails can be segmented in new and exciting ways! Marna is the only administrator access for Facebook. Website has both John DuBois and Tina DuBois, for administrative purposes.

Conflict of Interest Form
Distributed, reviewed and signed by all board members

No new business, meeting adjourned at 7:50.
Next meeting is September 9, at 7pm in the Band Room.

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