End of The 2016-2017 School Year!

Thank you to all of our band parents and the amazing Boosters for a year of fantastic band events. I truly appreciate everyone's time and talent in making the year a success for our kids and Mrs. Bishop. We are so grateful for her input in our kids lives and I am honored to have been able to work alongside her in making the year a fun time.

Thank you to Julie Seith for ALL of her very hard work with our budget and fundraisers this year. You have done a fantastic job and I have enjoyed working with you and getting to know you.

To Susie Fee as secretary, Jen Arbogast on Fund Raising , Susan Mavrides on Volunteer Coordinator, Jill Feldman on Spirit Wear, good luck as your kids move on to high school. Thank you for all your time and hard work. Christy Shellabarger, thank you for your countless emails, we will miss you very much.

Please support your new Board as you venture forth on another year of great music.

Jennifer Forsberg as Presiden, Dawne Galdi as Treasurer, Jan White as Volunteer Co-ordinator, Kirsten Bailey and Cathy Wurst in Spirit Wear.

Open positions are : secretary, communications, historian and fund raising. Please contact Mrs Bishop if interested and she will forward your information.

Thank you so much,

Sarah Giuliano