December Concerts

Dear parents,

Lots of exciting things going on this week!  Here are some details about our performances:

  • Monday morning - Jazz Band will rehearse Monday morning, and only Monday morning this week.  7:30 sharp!!!
  • Monday evening 7:30 p.m. - 8th grade band and Jazz Band will perform in the auditorium.  8th graders report to auditorium at 7:00, 7th grade Jazz Band members report at 7:00
  • Tuesday evening 6:30 p.m. - 6th grade band and Jazz Band will perform in the auditorium.  6th graders report to auditorium at 6:00, Jazz Band report at 6:30.
  • Tuesday evening 7:45 p.m. - 7th grade band and Jazz Band will perform in the auditorium.  7th graders report to auditorium at 7:15 (Jazz Band will already be there).
  • Wednesday during elective times all bands will perform for their grade level.  Jazz Band will perform for all grade levels.

Concert attire for all grades/bands is:
  • Nice white shirt (no t-shirts, please)
  • Black pants
  • Dark dress shoes (and dark socks if required)
  • Neckties are nice but optional
  • Festive hats are lots of fun, too!
  • Special note - For our daytime performances on Wednesday, wear your AMS Band t-shirt, or any other white or green shirt/hoodie and long pants/jeans (no wild colors or patterns, please).  Any kind of shoes/boots are fine.

Procedural information for all concerts:
  • All students must take instruments and music home with them at the end of the school day when they have a concert that evening.
  • Students should report directly to the auditorium at the times listed above.
  • Students should leave jackets in the car.
  • Students should leave instrument cases in the car unless it is raining.  If it is raining, woodwind players should bring instruments into the auditorium in their cases and leave cases with their parents in the auditorium.  In either case (har, har, har, case...), they should bring with them extra reeds and their mouthpiece cap.

Celebrate with your child after the concert!  At the end of every concert, I have been known to do a cruel, cruel thing.  I tell parents in front of their children that the concert is over in less time than expected, so there's time to go out for ice cream.  Sweet Spoons in Haddon Hall Commons is going to stay open late on Monday and Tuesday, and will donate 15% of their profits to the AMS Band Boosters!   Just mention Apex Middle School Band Boosters when you order.  They will stay open until 10:00 on Monday, and 9:30 on Tuesday.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to let your kids socialize with their band friends and to meet other band parents.  I can't stop by after the 6th grade concert, but I'll drop in on the other nights after things are cleaned up in the auditorium.  Well, our boosters took this idea and ran with it, and they have arranged for some special treat time after all three of our evening concerts!

Thank you to our parents and students who came to the school today to help set up chairs, stands and band equipment.  We only have a few parents signed up to help take things back to the band room.  If you're available, please consider helping to move equipment back to the band room after school on Wednesday.