It's here - it's BAND-A-THON week!  What a fabulous response from all students and parents!  We thank you heartily for all you've done in preparation for the big event ... and it's coming Friday afternoon ... be sure to ask your student about the Big Cheese chair!  

Here are just a few more reminders for the week ahead, and then the PARTY is ON!

  • Monday 
  1. before school:  Any students who forgot their donation packets on Friday can still turn them in on Monday, and if your student has already turned in their packet but wanted to collect more donations (for an invite to the party ($40 in donations) or even for that big $100 top seller prize!), those can also be turned in on Monday.
  2. 3:00 - 4:15 pm:  any 7th or 8th grade students who are interested in trying out the Tuba, Baritone/Euphonium or Oboe should plan to stay after school to meet with guests from Apex High School who give us instruction on these instruments.  Tuba and Baritone players will use school equipment;  oboists should bring a medium soft reed and the school will supply the oboes.
  3. 7:00 pm:  Band Booster Meeting ... final planning session for Band-a-Thon
  • Tuesday 
  1. 7:30 am - Jazz Band Practice
  2. last day to drop off snacks (6th = sweet, 7th = savory, 8th = water)  8th grade parents - we realize water bottles are difficult for kids to carry in, so parents can drop them off outside the band room door (by the basketball hoops) and we'll pull them inside.
  • Thursday 
  1. 7:30 am - Jazz Band Practice
  2. 3:30 - evening:  All County Band Auditions at Carnage Middle School - ask your student for their information from Mrs Bishop on their warmup & audition times 
  • Friday
  1. Students should wear their white AMS Band shirts, or a green or gold shirt, and jeans/khakis and athletic shoes.  
  2. Students report to the band room at the last call for buses.  
  3. Refer to the BAND-A-THON page on the website for the evening's schedule.
  4. 3:40 - 5:30 pm:  Appreciate your students' hard work and enjoy the concert!
  5. 6:00 pm:  pick up students who are not staying for the party