AMS Band Boosters Meeting April 7, 2014

Meeting, April 7, 2014

Mrs. Bishop Director; Dawne Galdi, President; Brooke Manix-Gagne, VP Fundraising; Marna Carlson, Treasurer
Parents: Ann Smiley, Christy Shellenberger, Ellen Holcomb, Michael Albrecht
To March or Not to March Panel:
From Apex High: Kent Pritchett, Indira Valencia, Julie Seith,
From Panther Creek High: Stephanie Hirschy, Lorrie Schnurman
President: Welcomed panel parents and panel members
Secretary: Tina had sent last month’s minutes out for comment, and had posted to website. Dawne is taking meeting minutes, for Tina, who is unavailable.
Treasurer: We are still collecting money for the Eighth Grade Williamsburg Trip. About half have paid in full, about 1/3 have paid partially, and a few people have not paid anything as of yet. We are still owed about $1,900 in payments. The Showcase fee will be based on number of students attending, so that can be adjusted, but the bus fee will be the same, no matter how many who go. Mrs. Bishop will follow up with parents of students who have not paid. We still have several payments to make, to the Showcase Festival, and to the bus company.
As of right now, it looks as if we are projected to have a balance of $5,500 at the end of the year. Mrs. Bishop will make a list of instrument repairs that she’d like to see, and we’ll see how far our balance will go.
Mrs. Bishop:

- All State Auditions were held, and one student from AMS has made it to the honors band, Ben Carlson. The clinic will take place in May.
- The Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands played at the Pre MPA at Panther Creek in March. Mrs. Bishop was happy with their performance. This was the first time that the seventh graders played for an audience other than family. She was impressed with their playing.
- The Eighth Graders did equally well at Pre-MPA, and then played at MPA, where they received Superior Ratings for Sight Reading (Very Impressive!) and Excellent Ratings overall. They did not play their best- the different stage and the many snow days took their toll, but they have played very well before, so she knows that the students can do it. No middle school band received Superior Ratings overall that day. Mrs. Bishop was thankful that the other teachers at AMS were supportive of this trip.
- Sixth Grade Orientation will take place on Monday April 21. Someone from the Band Boosters will say a few words to the parents.

Nominating Committee:
We have someone committed to secretary, Lisa Voytko, and have been talking to a few people. We still are looking for people to fill positions of Treasurer, VP Fundraising, VP Communications, and Spiritwear Chair.
May concerts are coming up! We plan to ask eighth grade parents if they’d like to submit dedications for a slide show before their concert. It will later be on the DVD we’ll sell afterwards. The dedications themselves will be free.
Apex High School Marching Band Kickoff
night is May 13 for rising 9th graders interested in marching band. Students should bring their instruments, as they will play with members of the band.
Communications: Marna Carlson took a poll of attending parents, and found that her efforts with Mail Chimp and Facebook were getting to the parents.

End of regular meeting

To March or Not?? Panel and Discussion
May is the month in which local area high schools often conduct kick-off meetings to get a start on the new marching season. Many parents might be wondering:What is the commitment? How much will it cost? How will he learn to march? My child is ambivalent- should I encourage him to at least see what it is about? What will my child gain from marching?

Attending was a panel of 5 parents, from Panther Creek and from Apex High Bands who talked a bit about their child’s experience, and then addressed any questions anyone had. What followed was a interesting and lively discussion about Marching Band. Here are a few notes (Many thanks to Brooke Gagne-Manix!):

Marching band at Panther Creek High School is an elective course during the normal school day. During marching season, marching band practices once a week after school for three hours. There is an expectation of students to march at Panther Creek High School.
Marching band at Apex High School is voluntary. Marching band practice is held after school for about three hours a day three times a week. During marching season, an occasional Friday night practice might be added if needed.
Both schools conduct band camp before the start of each academic school year (late July/early August).
Benefits of joining marching band...
· Provides kids with a safe place to fit in and belong.
· Upcoming freshman already know 100+ peers and upper classmen on the first day of high school.
· Upcoming freshman are already know the layout of the school on the first day.
· Kids learn to be a part of a whole.
· Kids learn valuable life skills including team work, leadership, time management, etc.
· Kids genuinely appreciate parent support and encouragement.
· Ample opportunities for parent involvement with varying time commitments.
· Kids and parents build lasting friendships with fellow students and parents.
· Marching band consumes a significant amount of time which can be a good thing for high school kids.
· Kids have opportunities represent the school in the community.
· Parents are able to be active with kids and school during a time when kids typically distance themselves from parents and parent involvement in school might dwindle.
· Kids strengthen chops.
· Fun bus trips with friends.
· Strong bonds are formed through practice, performances and competitions.

Other notes...

· Band consists of kids who you want your kids hanging out with.
· Encourage kids to try it for a year. Two of the parents on the panel had children who didn’t take marching band their first year, and they regret not doing so. Two other parents made their students take marching band “just for one year.” Those students returned enthusiastically.
· Students and parents are encouraged to attend 8th grade nights and open houses to get more info about individual bands.
· Coordination is not a prerequisite...anyone can learn to march.
· Seasoned marchers are great at helping rookies.
· Sections become like family and get together beyond band.
· If you do not play a “marching instrument” you can learn to play one, or join the color guard.

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