AMS Band Booster Meeting Notes March 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014


Dawne Galdi, President

Marna Carlson, Treasurer

Brooke Gagne-Manix, Fundraising

Tina DuBois, Secretary

Helen Bishop, Band Director

Christie Shellaberger, Parent

Meeting called to order at 7pm by Dawne Galdi.

President’s Report: everything is listed in the agenda

Secretary’s Report: February meeting notes reviewed, and posted online

Treasurer’s Report: end of February balance of $8644 in account. In the past month, we have taken over $5k in, all money for the 8th grade Williamsburg trip. Approximately 1/3 of the parents have paid in full, 1/3 have paid the recommended portion, and 1/3 another amount. The 2nd payment is due on 3/21. Mrs. Bishop will use the spreadsheet where the payments have been recorded to mail merge and send a note to all the parents with an update for their payment. Expenses in February: MPA fee, and a textbook. All the accounts are successfully reconciled!

Director’s Report: Sixth graders are starting to add new instruments, mostly in woodwind section, some in brass. Eighth graders are focusing on a really challenging slow piece, and she is encouraging them all to keep practicing to develop muscle memory for their performances where they will have to be continuously playing for longer periods of time. The practice journals are making a big difference in both the sounds of the bands, as well as the attitudes of the students. No leeches! MPA is scheduled for Tuesday, March 18th. All-State Auditions (Ben Carlson) scheduled for Saturday, March 15th. A field trip is being considered before the end of the year. Possibilities include 1) Jazz Band MPA on April 25, or 2) Solo & Ensemble on May 1 at Cardinal Gibbons. Pre-MPA scheduled for Thursday, March 13th. Still need parent volunteers for MPA on the 18th. There are no dates on the master calendar yet for 6th grade registration, which needs to be planned for the band schedule and a spring open house.

Williamsburg Update: Trip is scheduled on May 10. Still waiting on final headcount to determine the busses required for the trip. Once the headcount is finalized, we will need to pay for the busses. Also, waiting on the final headcount to place the order for t-shirts. Once the 3/21 deadline has passed and (hopefully!) all funds received, will need to place the order for t-shirts and pay for the busses.

6th Grade Band Camp is scheduled for the week of August 4-8th. Mrs. Bishop has approached Music & Arts about bundling a Smart Music subscription with the rental fee, as they have done in other parts of the US. There was discussion about including the subscription as part of the 6th grade band camp, but was agreed that we need to keep the costs of the band camp low to attract as many participants as possible.

Nominating Committee Update: Two possible candidates for the 2014-2015 school year have been contacted, but no responses have been received yet. Sarah Guiliano has agreed to continue on in the volunteer position.

New Business:

Brooke Gagne-Manix is currently enrolled in an Organizational Leadership degree program, and has approached Mrs. Bishop about using the band booster meetings as a project toward that degree. She has shared ideas of ways to boost attendance at the monthly meetings, by advertising band parent educational opportunities at the meetings. One of the ideas is to educate all new parents about the activities for the year as well as painting a picture of band participation in each of the three years. Mrs. Bishop liked the idea of having parents bring their own instruments to the meeting and playing a song together that would be videotaped and played back at the Spring concerts for the students to see and hear.

Spring concerts: scheduled for the week of May 12. Discussion to have meeting on the 12th instead of the 5th, so a budget could be voted on and the committee for the coming year. Discussion about dedications at the concert - instead of selling, since we have a surplus of funds, parents could just submit their dedication and/or photo. Sales of DVDs would include excerpts from the Winter concert (since we don’t have all of the grade levels recorded) and the Spring Concert.

Apex High School Band Yard Sale: Apex HS Band is holding their annual yard sale on 3/22. Dawne has offered to pick up items from parents who would like to donate.

Next Meeting is April 7th - Secretary will be absent, so a substitute will be needed to take notes.

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