AMS Band Booster Meeting Minutes

AMS Band Boosters Meeting
7pm in the Band Room

Mrs. Bishops Report:

*Bandathon was AWESOME!! (other middle schools are asking for help to start their own!)
*Brought in the same as last year (see Treasurs report)
*Students enjoyed “guest conducting”
*Have been getting instrument quotes for bassoon and am still looking
*$1000 WCPSS has been pretty much used up do to instrument repair, but not worried everything is in good shape.
*Will be attending the M&As convention. Will be be purchasing sheet music with 30 percent discount.
*Need repair of amplifier or purchase a new one.
*Monday November 10th Veterans Day 8th grade performance
volunteers will be needed early to help set up.
*Wednesday, December 3 Jazz Band plays at Golden Agers Meeting.
*Saturday, December 6th is the Apex Christmas Parade! Details later.
*December Concert Dates will be Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th
*Will need parent volunteers to help as always.
*All-County dates are December 13&14 Parents have been notified.

Treasurers Report

*Brought in $7,371 for the bandathon
*$788. in spiritwear
*$8159.00 total
*Spent$530 of $750 budgeted to spend.

Communications Report

*Sent out Veterans Day information
*Gave Mrs. Bishop email addresses that she is having trouble matching student to the email, Mrs. Bishop said she would help on that.
*She is gradually adding on the new emails

BandAThon ReCap
*Next year it needs to be put in the information packet that the concert is for the band students to enjoy listening to their peers and having fun, not necessarily a parent performance.
*Students need a bit more room on the bleachers (factor in their instruments)
*Streamline the assembly process a bit. More communication with gym teachers necessary.
*Sound System needs to be in working order and more user friendly.
*No Jazz band next time too much instrument setup time.
*Put in info packet a box to check if student will be staying for pizza and games.
*Try and avoid the state fair dates if possible


*Next year need more parent volunteers for 8th grade middle school night at AHS
*Bassoon quotes...$4500-$5300 from M&As
*Julie wants to go over budget and get some real numbers to see how much we can spend this year.

Trip Status

Trip has not been approved yet.
Trip dates April 16th,17th and 18th (8th graders and the chorus will be attending)
Cost $400-$500

New Business

*Find a new fundraiser for the 8th grade spring trip for next year
*selling cookie dough was suggested.
Meeting adjourned at 8pm-ish.