Eight grade parents:  we are compiling a slideshow of dedications and photos to be shown during the spring concerts in May.  If you're interested in including your 8th grade band student, here's what you need to know ...

  • Dedications can include a photo and a message for your 8th grade band student.  When preparing photos and messages, keep in mind that dedications will be assembled into a single PowerPoint presentation. Each slide will consist of a single dedication to a single 8th grade band student, will be displayed publicly at the 8th grade concert on May 14 and will be included in our year-end DVD (available for purchase during the May concerts).
  • Dedication outlines are presented below.
  • Deadline for submissions is Friday, April 18th 
  • Submissions and / or questions are to be emailed to Brooke Gagne-Manix atbevang81@gmail.com, or she can be contacted at 850-396-3582 (during the day texts are best)
  • If you have other photos of band kids or band events from the past three years that you would like to share as part of the slide show, please send them to Brooke as well.
If using email, follow this format:

Name of Student: ___________________________________________
Attach photo (a paw print will be provided if no photo is attached):
Message (30 words max):

You may also create your own powerpoint slide containing the same information.